Accomplished experts revolutionizing cyber investigations

Command Zero cofounders have led 7 successful cybersecurity acquisitions to date including exits to Symantec, McAfee, Sourcefire, Cisco and IBM.
The company is headquartered in Austin, TX with a Calgary Alberta, Canada location and a remote team across North America.

Our values


We are accountable to one another, to our customers, and to the greater industry as a whole. The products that we offer are representative of who we are and our accountability. Relying on each member to take on his/her task at hand and deliver, will enables us to win.


Pioneering and solving big problems takes passion and perseverance.
Obstacles will always lie in our path but we thrive in overcoming both predictable and unseen challenges.
We strive to not only outsmart others, but more importantly, to outwork them.


We win as a team. Talented individuals who submit to working as a team achieve much greater outcomes. We endeavor to deliver and support our teammates and draw strength from one another.

Question assumptions

True innovation and problem solving call us to question everything, even our own bias. Through continual exploration, we never accept the status quo. We don't become an echo chamber for our own ideas.


Dov Yoran
Cofounder & CEO
Dean De Beer
Cofounder & CTO
Alfred Huger
Cofounder & CPO


Backed by leading tier-1 VCs, and dozens of cyber executives and thought leaders, Command Zero is set to succeed on its mission.
Company logo
Company logo

Check out what cyber leaders say about Command Zero

Art Coviello, Jr
Former Chairman & CEO at RSA Security, investor, independent board director
"As AI is transforming the world, Command Zero is leading the charge on reforming security operations. This platform empowers SecOps teams with the expertise, automation and best practices to achieve superior results at scale. This fresh approach leads to significant cost savings and reduced risk."
Gerhard Eschelbeck
CSO at Kodiak Robotics, former CISO at Google, former CTO at Sophos, former CTO at Webroot, former CTO at Qualys
"Standardizing incident response and building organizational knowledge are two key priorities for all Security Operations leaders. Command Zero checks both boxes and wows with LLM-based automation capabilities."
Oliver Friedrichs
Founder & CEO at Pangea, founder & former CEO at Phantom Cyber (acq by Splunk)
“SOAR follows known patterns and excels at triaging hundreds of known alerts with playbooks, yet it falls apart when processing new or previously unseen patterns and alerts. This is where Command Zero shines with expert content, automation and user-led capabilities.”
Corey Thomas
Chairman & CEO at Rapid7
“Solving the investigation bottleneck is one of the most impactful things any CISO can do. Command Zero offers a powerful investigation solution to optimize your most scarce security operations resources.“
Amit Yoran
Chairman & CEO at Tenable, former President at RSA, founder & former CEO at NetWitness, founding Director of US-CERT, cofounder & former CEO at Riptech (acq by Symantec)
"Investigating cyber escalations is the limiting factor to success in Security Operations. Command Zero is easy to get started, captures inherent knowledge from past investigations and delivers the expert outcomes we all need."
John N. Stewart
Talons Ventures, former SVP, Chief Security & Trust Officer at Cisco
"Consistency and subject matter expertise are the biggest challenges with cyber investigations at enterprise scale. Command Zero transforms the investigation process with expert content, advanced LLMs and an intuitive user interface. It’s crazy -not- to use it.”
Ann Johnson
Corporate Vice President and Deputy CISO at Microsoft
"Command Zero has captured and packaged decades of Incident Response knowledge, amounting to hundreds of common questions frequently asked by responders. These are delivered and executed through both flexible automation and user-led capabilities to speed up investigations in a predictable way and at scale.”
Tom Noonan
Independent board director, cofounder at Endgame Security (acq by Elastic), founder & former CEO at Internet Security Systems (ISSX later acq by IBM)
"I love solutions that address the unseen elephant in the room. Investigations have always been the most laborious and painful bottleneck of cyber operations, until now. Finally, Command Zero is disrupting the norm and catapulting security teams forward by leveling the playing field."
Alex Tosheff
Former SVP, CSO at VMWare, former CISO at PayPal
"Incident responders deserve the the best support. Command Zero gives them expert content, automation and LLMs trained on actual incidents. They can now swiftly and effectively combat threats. The platform not only boosts efficiency but also strengthens the resilience of our digital infrastructure with unparalleled capabilities.”
Joe Levy
CEO at Sophos, former CTO at Blue Coat Systems, former CTO at Solera Networks, former CTO at SonicWall
"Command Zero bridges the gap between detection and response through expert content and AI-powered automation. The platform delivers deep visibility into the true scope of an incident across hybrid enterprise environments."
Jeremy Kroll
Cofounder & CEO at K2 Integrity, founding investor at BlueVoyant, former MD & GM at Kroll Inc.
“Defending client infrastructure from cyber threats requires agility and creativity. Achieving operational efficiency in combatting the threat is only sustainable way to reduce risk for enterprise customers and service providers. Command Zero revolutionizes cyber-based threat investigations with valuable content, intuitive automation and UI built by actual practitioners who understand the client’s needs.“
Ted Julian
Cofounder & CEO at Flux, cofounder at Resilient (acq by IBM), cofounder at Arbor Networks (acq by NETSCOUT)
“SOAR is an exceptional concept only if you can afford a dedicated security engineering team continuously maintaining and optimizing your instance. Command Zero democratizes SecOps by removing the engineering burden. It is the expert platform - making advanced knowledge and automation available to all teams.”
John Viega
Cofounder & CEO at Crash Override, cofounder & former CEO at Capsule8 (acq by Sophos), former CTO at McAfee, former EVP Products & Strategy at BAE Systems
"Investigating all escalated cases is an impossible task for the average organization with cloud, SaaS and high volume of sophisticated attacks. Command Zero takes the toil from SecOps teams and offers a novel way to uplift all analysts with knowledge, automation and tools."
Rakesh Loonkar
Cofounder & President at Transmit Security, cofounder & former President at Trusteer (acq by IBM)
"Collective knowledge, AI and automation are the weapons of choice for attackers. Command Zero levels the playing field by making these available to enterprise defenders."
Jim Reavis
Cofounder & CEO at Cloud Security Alliance
"Advanced and thoughtful LLM implementation, expert content and automation capabilities make Command Zero powerful for investigations. It is a game-changer for organizations with complex environments."
Brian O’Malley
Former SVP, General Auditor at NASDAQ, former cybersecurity executive at First USA and JP Morgan Chase
"Command Zero understands the nuances of complex cases and runs high quality investigations that are auditable, in a fraction of the time. The platform delivers verdicts with detailed data, timelines and coherent reports. This is a first in our industry!"
Tim Belcher
Former CTO at RSA, cofounder & former CTO at NetWitness, cofounder & former CTO at Riptech (acq Symantec)
"Command Zero cracked the code of complex cyber investigations, solving some of the hardest problems in our industry. The platform combines advanced subject matter expertise, automation and proven LLM methods in a compelling UI. I see Command Zero’s approach as the only viable true path to implementing AI for cyber operations. "
Jack Huffard
Cofounder & former COO at Tenable, independent board director
"Command Zero reduces ‘time to resolve’ for all escalated cases and continuously improves your teams. Analysts of all levels can produce better outcomes with this platform."
John B. Dickson
CEO at Bytewhisper, former principal at Denim Group (acq Coalfire)
“Running manual investigations across a complex tech stack is beyond tedious. Command Zero is the investigative “glue” that pulls your relevant information into a platform to let your analyst do what they do best – analyzing relevant information, not munging data.”
Benny Czarny
Founder & CEO at OPSWAT
“I am super impressed with how Command Zero leveraged machine learning to deliver actionable results for security operations teams. It’s a game-changer for threat hunting and cyber investigations in enterprise environments."
Omkhar Arasaratnam
General Manager at OpenSSF, former Dir of Eng, Regulated Cloud Solutions at Google
“Organizations struggling to cope with an increasingly asymmetric war against attackers will never be able to attract or retain enough staff. Adding AI-driven automation to investigations and threat hunting is our only hope. Command Zero has the perfect team and has built the ideal platform to make this happen."
Deke George
Founder, Chairman & former CEO at NetSPI
"Command Zero’s prebuilt questions have the expertise boost we all need as professional services and investigators. With this platform, all analysts can efficiently investigate complex cases and report with ease. Save time and get more consistent results with the next big thing in cyber investigations."
Ray Rothrock
Former CEO at RedSeal, Independent Board Director
"Cyber events are increasing faster and faster. And investigating escalations is a major limiting factor to success in SecOps. Command Zero captures inherent knowledge from past investigations and delivers masterful outcomes. This approach is transforming security operations."
Dan Cornell
Former VP of Product Strategy at Coalfire, former CTO at Denim Group
"Command Zero is setting the standard for accelerating Security Operations with AI. The platform supercharges threat hunting and investigations with an elegant implementation of advanced LLMs, expert content and a slick UI/UX."
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