Business Email Compromise & Email Investigations

Uncover business email compromise (BEC) and email patterns in minutes.

Email attacks: Common and devastating

BEC was the leading cause of financial losses due to cybercrime, comprising $6.7B globally in 2023.

Source: Nasdaq 2024 Global Financial Crime Report

More than 50% of social engineering attacks, such as pretexting, phishing and credential thefts, are related to BEC.

Source: 2023 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Organizations with a minimum of 1,000 employees have 83% to 97% chance of being targeted by a BEC each week.

Source: Abnormal H1 2024 Email Threat Report

Prevail BEC and email threats

Dig deep into email services, email security and identities all at once.
Leverage expert questions, built-in facets for quick checks across the stack.
Identify threat actors, all affected recipients and suspicious behavior.

Connect the dots in seconds

Make sense of embedded links, forwarding rules, user and attacker activity across systems.

Identify all impacted recipients and follow-up behavior

Find everyone who received the same email, follow their tracks across the environment. Review admin activity, Exchange activity and new rules/groups.

Ready to dive in?

Get a customized demo, see how autonomous & user-led demos can help you transform security operations.

Experience an identity investigation on Command Zero:

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