Find Threats. Run Autonomous Cyber Investigations at Scale

Empower your team with the expertise of the best investigators in the industry, controlled access to universal systems and automated reporting.
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Command Zero is the expert platform to run investigations to ground truth. Augment your top analysts with expert questions, embedded technical expertise, automation and advanced LLMs trained on real-life investigations.

Expert knowledge included

  • Kickstart every investigation or threat hunt with deep expert knowledge.
  • Adopt industry best practices out-of-the-box, customize content and automation to your needs.
  • Create organizational knowledge packs. Build consistent investigation templates.
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Augment your best with LLMs

  • Give your tier-2 and tier-3 analysts, threat hunters and incident responders the ability to interact with all systems in your stack.
  • No technology-specific expertise or direct access needed.
  • Replay past investigations to foster learning and develop new best practices.

Consistent outcomes at speed

  • Strike the perfect balance between expert content, advanced LLMs, automation and user-led methods to achieve accurate outcomes for everyone.
  • Save investigative cycles collecting information and presenting results.
  • Get expert outcomes every time with fully automated reporting, timelines and verdicts.
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Resolve the most significant bottleneck in security operations

Empower every analyst to deliver their best
Ensure consistency, repeatability and auditability
Build organizational knowledge with every investigation
Scale investigation and threat hunting capabilities

Platform Overview

Discover Use Cases

Threat hunting

Identify threats and suspicious patterns in your environment.

Cyber investigations

Run down escalations or incidents with expert content, automation and dynamic methods across your stack.

Identity-based investigations

Explore identity-based investigations for comprehensive security insights.

BEC & Email Investigations

Uncover business email compromise (BEC) and email patterns in minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Who needs this solution?
Medium to large size enterprises with security operations teams. If you have resources to tackle escalated cases (from an MDR, MSSP, automated triage or in-house tier-1 analysts), you can benefit from streamlining investigations.
Security operations teams investigating escalated cases benefit from embedded expert knowledge, abstracted access to universal data sources, advanced LLMs, automation and collaboration capabilities of Command Zero. As a result, they can get to conclusions fast, accurately and in a repeatable way.
How is Command Zero different from AI-powered SOC analysts?
AI-powered SOC analysts focus on pre-tier-1 and tier-1 tasks. These solutions lack the expertise, sophistication and data access required to run complete investigations. AI is a promising technology, yet it is far from delivering an end-all-be-all solution for security operations.

We believe that human curiosity and experience still have primacy over LLMs when it comes to last mile investigations. LLMs show great promise but are currently being over marketed with it comes to positioning them to replace sophisticated human analysts.

Our goal is to augment and empower our human analysts - not replace them.
How will Command Zero complement existing security operations investments?
Command Zero connects to security and non-security resources using a federated data model. With Command Zero, tier-2+ teams get unrestricted access to universal data sources and technology specific content to interrogate them.
This capability helps uncover new details that extract more value and insights from existing security operations solutions as well as non-security solutions.
Which platforms do you currently support?
Please book a demo with our team to discuss how Command Zero can support your current environment.
How do you keep Command Zero secure?
Command Zero has strict data and system protection policies and implementations to safeguard customer information. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our data protection and security controls.
How is Command Zero licensed/priced?
Command Zero is licensed based on the environment and the security operations team using the platform. Please contact us for details.
Is there a free trial available?
Please contact us or book a demo to initiate a proof of value engagement (assisted trial) with our team.

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