Autonomous & User-led Identity Investigations

Make sense of all identity behaviors across the stack.

Identity investigations are critical

Stolen credentials and phishing account for 2/3 of main attack targets for data breaches *

Source: 2024 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report

Understanding the complete context of an identity is the first step to every investigation

Investigating identity behavior across the stack requires getting information from dozens of systems

Make identity investigations a strength

Kickstart every investigation with identity overviews, start with complete user details.
Run investigations across Okta, EntraID and others with specific expert questions.
Use built-in identity investigation best practices, customize and build your own.

Go from username to report in minutes

Uncover user details, behavior across the environment and relevant risk.

Follow where identities go

Users and threat actors don’t just interact with security tools. Expand investigations to include non-security data sources for the complete story. Investigate universal systems using expert content - plain English questions.

Ready to dive in?

Get a customized demo, see how autonomous & user-led demos can help you transform security operations.

Experience an identity investigation on Command Zero:

Dashboard mockup
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