Transform Cyber Investigations

Run every escalation to ground truth with speed.

Manual investigations, the most significant bottleneck in SecOps

Investigators need direct access to the data sources they work with. They also need administrator level expertise in dozens of IT systems.

Analysts need to use an average of 6 different security tools (12+ tools in complex cases). They need 3 hours (8+ hours to weeks for complex cases) to complete investigations.*

* Source: ESG The State of the SOC

Programmatic approaches to escalations break when attack patterns shift even so slightly. And attackers know this.

The global median dwell time for an attacker in an environment is 16 days*. Attackers have plenty of time before defenders take any action.

* Source: Mandiant – M-Trends 2023 Report

Investigate with speed and confidence.

Interrogate security and non-security data sources, no technology specific expertise required.
Combine expert content, flexible LLM-powered automation and manual investigation methods to handle all escalations.
Automate best practices for consistency and repeatability.
Review past investigations, past notes on leads to get the historical context.
Replay every step of past investigations for coaching. Incorporate learnings to build institutional knowledge.

Expert outcomes for everyone, every time

Collaborate, coach, hand over

Assign multiple analysts to complex cases, analyze different branches simultaneously, review questions and answers as a team. Hand over or escalate with complete context to the next shift/team.

Ready to dive in?

Get a customized demo, see how autonomous & user-led demos can help you transform security operations.

Experience an investigation on Command Zero:

Dashboard mockup
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