Autonomous & User-led Threat Hunting

Identify known and unknown threat patterns across universal data sources

Threat hunting is complicated. You need:

The hunting expertise: the right hypotheses to test, the right questions to ask

Direct access to data sources (beyond the data in your SIEM/SOAR)

Technology-specific expertise for all data sources within scope

This is likely why your team isn’t running threat hunts as frequently as they would like.

Make threat hunting available to all analysts:

Federated access to universal data sources in the environment
The right questions to ask for each data source come standard
Out-of-the-box autonomous hunts, hunt scenarios and questions
Question-based, auditable, customizable and scalable hunting flow

Get proactive and cast abroad net

Review authorization and alerts across all platforms, revisit past investigations and get the complete context by reviewing notes on the identity.

Democratize access to hunting expertise

Use expert hunting questions to kickstart hunts. Coach new team members and collaborate on hunts: review each question asked, each response and the verdict to confirm leads or dig deeper.

Automate for patterns, speed up manual hunts

Review results of autonomous hunts with details on every step. Combine facets (dynamic playbooks) and user-led questions. Make the most out of automation and individual expertise.

Add the magic human touch

Unleash your curiosity to interrogate universal systems. Query data sources with pre-built questions in plain English, build spontaneous hunts or dig deeper into autonomous hunts.

Ready to dive in?

Get a customized demo, see how autonomous & user-led demos can help you transform security operations.

Experience an investigation on Command Zero:

Dashboard mockup
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